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Dow Water & Process Solutions is a recognized world leader in RO technology offering FILMTEC™ and HYPERSHELL™ reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) elements for demineralizing brackish water or desalinating seawater for a variety of industries and applications including industrial water treatment, power generation, food & beverage processing, municipal desalination and water reuse, and home drinking water devices.

Industrial Water Elements

Low energy, high rejection, and fouling resistant FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements designed for industrial water softening and demineralization.

Municipal Water Elements

FILMTEC™ sea water and brackish water reverse osmosis elements designed for desalination to produce municipal drinking water and to treat municipal waste water for reuse.

Electronics Elements

FILMTEC™ SG (Semiconductor-Grade) reverse osmosis elements are specifically designed and manufactured to deliver ultrapure water quality (UPW) for the fabrication of electronic components such as microprocessor chips. These electronics elements include a membrane that delivers high rejection of lower molecular weight organic compounds and silica, plus an accelerated TOC rinse down profile—all important to the electronics manufacturing industry.iLEC™ Interlocking Endcaps further enhance performance and peace-of-mind for plants using these RO electronics elements, as this patented technology eliminates the need for lubricants, reduces the risk of o-ring leaks that can lead to poor water quality, and helps to reduce system operating costs.

Food Grade Elements

FILMTEC™ and HYPERSHELL™ reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements specifically designed for use in food processing and medical applications.

Large and Small Commercial Elements

A variety of Low energy and high rejection FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements available in smaller sizes for small commercial operations such as car washes and resort applications.

Home Drinking Water Elements

Small FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis elements designed for point-of-use and under-sink home drinking water devices.

Medical (Sanitary Full Fit) Elements

FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements specifically designed for use in medical applications.

Other Elements

Dow Water & Process Solutions provides a wide variety of other FILMTEC™ Elements for special applications, including nanofiltration elements for process separations and product concentration.

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