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Moso Bamboo Activated Carbon For Air Purification
Moso Bamboo Activated Carbon For Air Purification
Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China.
Brand: WaterCarb
Model No.: WaterCarb SB800
Application: Air purification
Certificate: ISO9001
Size: 4-8mesh
Packing: 20KGS / Paper Bag
Min. Order: 500KGS.
Port of Loading: Shanghai, China.
Lead time: 7-30 days.

WATERCARB SB800 is a high quality granular activated carbon produced of moso bamboo in the temperature of 900℃. 

WATERCARB SB800 is sepcially good at air purification, such as removing radioactive, formaldehyde, etc. Its character of highly microporous makes it has greater adsorption capacities than commercial activated carbons. 

WATERCARB SB800 is effective in the removal of radioactive, formaldehyde and 2,4-dichlorophenol from air.



Appearance : Granular with black colour

Particle Diameter                                : 4 x 8 mesh

Iodine Number(AWWA B 600-78)       : 800mg/g min.

Moisture as packed (ASTM D 2867)   : max.10 % w/w

Ash (ASTM D 2866)                              : max. 5 % w/w

Apparent Density (ASTM D 2854)       : 300 ± 50  kg/m3

Hardness                                               : 95-97 %


For more details, please check www.watercarbon.com or send an e-mail to sales@watercarbon.cn.

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